Meaning of dreaming of bartender

Meaning of dreaming of bartender.

In waking life, a bartender mixes drinks, and talks to patrons of his work place. In dreams, the bartender is seen in his familiar role. He is a symbol of seduction and temptation, as he is the person preparing the alcoholic drinks that will induce a stupor in the drinker.  The bar patron’s access to spirits in through him. The bartender is also a listener as he is the go-to guy when a lone patron wants to talk about something. Drink loosens the tongue and a bartender is unwittingly the subject who hears gossip about a wide range of topics. Seeing a bartender in a dream can mean that your tired self wants to seek escape by drinking. In rare cases when the dreamer knows the bartender well, then they may be seeking him/ her out, to talk to relieve stress.