Meaning of dreaming of animal bite

Meaning of dreaming that a cat bites you.

The dream interpretation of a cat bite refers to a woman fighting with you in waking life. If you can’t identify who the woman is, then you need to think again. Perhaps the fight has not erupted in the open, but it may happen soon.

Meaning of dreaming of a goat biting you.

Generally, when an animal bites you in your dream, it means you are facing harm in waking life. Many animals tend to bite when they are upset, or to guard their space. While the reasons for your foes harming you in real life are unclear and varied,

Meditation on the dream imagery of an animal biting you:
Reflect on your waking life. Do you have enemies/ rivals in your work place or family? Are you experiencing some sibling rivalry? Your brain may have processed some information from stimuli that suggests animosity. Meditate on how you want to handle this situation.