Guide to dreams about eyes

Eyes are one of the most important organs of your body. Thus, when you dream of eyes having good traits like being able to se

e clearly, the dream interpretation carries good news.

If you dream of having good eyesight, it is good news. Sharp eyesight enables you to see clearly and plan ahead.

Consequentially, sharp eyesight helps the person achieve money and wealth.

Conversely, the opposite is true for dreams about bad eyesight.

If you dream of having bad eyesight, the dream interpretation is you cannot see well and this hinders your financial standing.

Another dream interpretation of poor eyesight is that since your important organs are not working well, it may also point to people of importance to you, who are ill. Since the eyes are like precious jewels of one’s body, they symbolize your children, if you have any. Dreaming of bad eyesight can mean your kids are unwell.

If you dream of eyes being blind, it can mean the loss of your children, your siblings, or your parents. For eyes are very important and they symbolize people who are close to you in relationship.

If you are in a horrible situation, like in a tight spot, dreaming of being blind means you are spared from seeing the terrible condition of the place. However, your pathetic condition of blind eyes, will invoke some people to reach out to you, to offer help. Thus, the dream says help is on its way.

If the dreamer had been thinking of leaving their homeland/ motherland, to emigrate to another country, then dreaming of being blind is bad news to put a dampener on this ambition. Dreaming of being blind, or going blind, means the dreamer can not leave their homeland. Without seeing eyes, the dreamer can not travel to the new country.

The reverse is also true. That is, if the dreamer is currently in a foreign country, but had thought of returning to their homeland, then this dream is bad news. Dreaming of blindness means the dreamer can not see their way to make it back into their homeland. The dreamer will be prevented from moving back.

If the dreamer is a competitor in a contest or race, dreaming of unseeing eyes can mean different predictions. If the dreamer is going to compete in a running event, they will win because the dream predicted they will be blind to others, because they are slower and behind the dreamer.

Dreaming of blindness means bad news for people who have jobs which require eyesight. This dream means these people will lose their jobs.

If your present state in reality has you searching for something lost and you dream of being blind, it means bad news. Since your dream foretells blindness, it means you won’t find the thing.

If your present state or job requires concentration, then dreaming of being blind reminds you that you can concentrate better when you have nothing to distract you.

Dreaming of the left eye traditionally represents the female. The right eye represents the male. However, this connotation defers for some cultures, like the Chinese. The right side of the body represents the female and the left side of the body, represents the male. For example, when the Chinese wear mourning arm bands for a deceased person, the dead female is mourned with an arm band worn on the right arm. The dead male is mourned by wearing an armband on the left arm.

If a sick person dreams of going blind, the common interpretation is that of approaching death. The unseeing metaphor means death.

If the dreamer dreams of being blinded in one eye, then the meanings of the consequences are the same as if the dreamer had seen themselves going blind in two eyes. The difference is that when the meanings of the consequences, are half that of those being blind in two eyes.

Since in western culture’s dream symbols, the left eye represents the female, then dreaming of being sightless in the left eye, can mean the dream is about a message of a woman. If the right eye is seen in the dream, then it means the male is being referenced.

If a bachelor/ spinster dreams of themselves having more than the usual two eyes, it can mean he/ she will gain more eyes in the form of extra people. The single person is probably getting attached to be married. This dream interpretation is for the dreamer who dreams of having four eyes.

Some young bachelors/ spinsters may dream of having more eyes, because they attract attention due to their youthful good looks.

The single dreamer who dreams of owning six eyes, will probably get married and have a baby. That explains where those 4 eyes are accounted for.

The person who works as a moneylender may dream of having more than his usual two eyes. His job puts a tilt to his dream interpretation. More eyes for the money lender means he has more eyes to keep watch on his debtors. The money lender has more customers, and this will make him richer.

For the person who is a borrower, dreaming of having more than two eyes, means bad news. The eyes belong to a moneylender. If the borrower dreams of having six eyes, it may mean this borrower has borrowed money from three different moneylenders.

If the dreamer has intended to perform antisocial acts of evil, then more eyes will be drawn to him. This is because antisocial behaviors attract attention.

If a rich man dreams he has extra eyes, it means his intuition is telling him to hire more people to act as his body guards. It is likely he will be targeted and he will appreciate more eyes to help look after him.

If the dreamer sees image of having eyes attached to his hands and feet, it means bad news. The dreamer may have lost the actual use of eyesight and his hands and feet are being used to feel their way around. If a dreamer sees themselves having eyes at their fingertips, it means their fingers are used to “see” for them. Such is the way of the visually impaired.

If the dreamer sees eyes attached to different parts of the body, other than the usual spot on the face, it means bad news. The eyes are there to focus attention on those locations, probably because of some problems linked to those areas.

If the dreamer sees themselves having another person’s eyes, it means their own eyes are damaged and somebody else is helping them to see and navigate around.

Pie chart shows different types of dreams on eyes

Pie chart shows different types of dreams on eyes
Pie chart on different dream imagery about eyes

Boy Cat with pink hair, blue eyes & shiny, blue shirt.
Anthropomorphic Cat-Man
Cat-Man sewn in appliqué style, real wool hair, button eyes.