Dream meanings for dreams on nose

Dreams on nose carry these meanings:

To dream of a sharp defined nose, is good. As a well built nose enables its owner to breathe well and sustain needs for respiration.

Dreaming of a good nose means having the means to sniff out good opportunities, to advance one’s well-being.

Conversely, dreaming of being without a nose means being unable to smell the good opportunities.

Dreaming of having no nose means bad news. It can mean death because no human survives without breathing in air and expiring out used air.

Since one nose is good, does it mean having two noses is better? That is one too many. Dreaming of having two noses is bad. Dreaming of having an extra nose means the owner will be made busy sniffing out the highs and lows of all matters. The owner of two noses will become very busy and that is bad.

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