Guide to understanding dreams of ears

Here are some dreams of ears that mean good news is coming:

If you dream of having more that two ears, the dream means you will be lucky. This dream interpretation is closely linked to your work/ job. If you are working in a speciality that requires listening to your client/ customer, it means you will have more work (and money) coming your way.

If you dream of cleaning your ears, it can mean you’re preparing to hear better anticipated news. This is anticipated good news. You probably did some actions earlier in your waking life and you’re expecting the follow-up to that. You’re prepping your ears.

Pie chart on different dreams about ears:

Pie chart on different dreams about ears
Pie chart shows there are at least eight different dreams on the theme of ears

The following are dreams on ears that bring bad news:

If you’re an employee and dream of having more that one pair of ears, the dream means you will have to listen to more instructions/ orders. This will not be good for you, as you may have to do more work for the same amount of renumeration.

If you dream of losing one ear, the dream interpretation means bad news. You may physically lose one ear through damage, or lose hearing in one ear through accident or illness.

If you dream of being boxed on a ear, it means bad news is coming to you.

If you dream ants or other insects living in your ear, or dream insects crawling out of your ear, it means bad news. The dream interpretation is that you may become so ill that you’re unable to take care of yourself, be defending yourself against these pests that invade your ear. Another terrible dream interpretation is that you might die and return to earth and that is where ants and insects live.

If you dream that your ears are fixed where your eyes are, it can mean bad news. Your eyesight is replaced by your sense of hearing, because your eyes are not working.

If you dream of having unusual ears, like the ears of a specific type of animal, it means you will be adopting the characteristics of that kind of animal.

If you dream of having the ears of a wild animal like a wolf, lion, tiger or leopard, it means you will hear wild talk. That is, a dirty smear campaign will be spread against you.

Be mindful of how you clean your ear.

Do hearing impaired people dream? Yes they do.

Do deaf people dream? Yes they do.

Dream imagery of injury to a ear can mean any of these dream interpretations:

  1. You’re having hearing problems.
  2. You’re wilfully turning off (refusing to listen) because you don’t want to deal with it.
  3. Maybe you’re wearing ear plugs of listening to your headphones.

Dreaming of burning ears can mean you got boxed on your ears. If you were not fighting in the dream, then your hurting ears present a different metaphorical meaning. It can mean you heard words that hurt you.

Dreaming of having an insect in your ear means something is bothering you. You heard it with your ears and now they’re smarting.

Dreaming of ears bleeding means you are injured physically or emotionally. It can also reflect real life and mean you have a head injury.

Dreaming of a bug in ear means bad things. You’re bothered by a stubborn pest which has burrowed into your head. The bug can be a metaphor for something bad since they’re not useful to humans. Bugs are lowly, negative and disliked. Insects don’t generally crawl into ears. Once accidentally in, they may not find their way out. You may hear a buzzing sound if the insect flaps its wings while trapped in your ear. Otherwise you may not hear the presence of the insect at all. The insect trapped in a difficult environment may die after a while. The behavior of an insect trapped in a narrow ear canal symbolizes a similar happening in real life. Like you may have heard a nasty gossip which has stuck in your head.

Dreaming of a worm in your ear plays upon the phase “ear worm”. You heard something which has remained in your conscious mind.

What’s the meaning of not dreaming or not daydreaming and yet you hear voices? The voices can be talking to themselves or directed towards you. This kind of hearing voices without seeing the source of voices, is bad. This can be a symptom of schizophrenia, a mental disorder. What causes schizophrenia? A variety of factors may stimulate schizophrenia. They are prolonged stress, malnutrition, environmental conditions, lack of emotional support, need for psychological support & etc. One or more of these factors can lead to schizophrenia. The patient hears voices which follow them everywhere they go, right up to the moment they fall asleep.

Sometimes you don’t hear words but sounds. You might dream of hearing church bells ringing, or bells tolling. These different bells symbolize different meanings. Sounds are associated with different objects and events, according to your experience, knowledge, associations, culture and memories. For example, loud, sudden sounds like a clap of thunder, can make you think (within your dream) that you heard thunder, or a gunshot.

Dreaming of being unable to hear does not mean it is your hearing problem. The dream interpretation of this situation means you’re being ignored and nothing was told to you to address your issue. In dream interpretation, it means you’re unable to hear a response because nobody communicated to you.

Your ears can hear while you’re sleeping. Your ears are stimulated by sounds like talking, music, thunder, birds chirping & etc.

Dreaming about using a phone means you’re hearing from someone at the end of the line. Your desire to hear communication from that person lead you to use a phone. Dream imagery of a phone usually means you wish to hear from somebody.

Its rare to dream of reading in a dream, but its common to hear while dreaming. In fact, we hear all the time while dreaming.

We don’t actually read words in dreams, but we know what was printed in the reading material.

Dreams are about seeing imagery, more than talking. The dreamer may hear talk but mostly understand the message in the head.

There are interpretations for soft sounds like whispering. It can mean the dreamer needs to listen carefully to hear what is being said. A whisper in a dream can be a message to be loud, because it highlights how soft or inaudible a whisper is.

We need ears to hear. Even with imaginary voices generated inside one’s brain in the mental disorder known as schizophrenia, we may need ears to hear those voices. Some people may say that you can hear as long as the auditory nerves are stimulated within the brain. Other people who have experienced schizophrenia said that when they used ear plugs, they stopped hearing voices. Although those voices are generated only in the brain, ears are required to hear them. This implies that those voices may be psychological in nature. If the person knows that they have closed their ears, then their brain tells them they can’t hear voices. The sufferer of this condition knows that when they block their ears, they stop hearing voices.