Guide to understanding dreams of ears

Here are some dreams of ears that mean good news is coming:

If you dream of having more that two ears, the dream means you will be lucky. This dream interpretation is closely linked to your work/ job. If you are working in a speciality that requires listening to your client/ customer, it means you will have more work (and money) coming your way.

If you dream of cleaning your ears, it can mean you’re preparing to hear better anticipated news. This is anticipated good news. You probably did some actions earlier in your waking life and you’re expecting the follow-up to that. You’re prepping your ears.

Pie chart on different dreams about ears:

Pie chart on different dreams about ears
Pie chart shows there are at least eight different dreams on the theme of ears

The following are dreams on ears that bring bad news:

If you’re an employee and dream of having more that one pair of ears, the dream means you will have to listen to more instructions/ orders. This will not be good for you, as you may have to do more work for the same amount of renumeration.

If you dream of losing one ear, the dream interpretation means bad news. You may physically lose one ear through damage, or lose hearing in one ear through accident or illness.

If you dream of being boxed on a ear, it means bad news is coming to you.

If you dream ants or other insects living in your ear, or dream insects crawling out of your ear, it means bad news. The dream interpretation is that you may become so ill that you’re unable to take care of yourself, be defending yourself against these pests that invade your ear. Another terrible dream interpretation is that you might die and return to earth and that is where ants and insects live.

If you dream that your ears are fixed where your eyes are, it can mean bad news. Your eyesight is replaced by your sense of hearing, because your eyes are not working.

If you dream of having unusual ears, like the ears of a specific type of animal, it means you will be adopting the characteristics of that kind of animal.

If you dream of having the ears of a wild animal like a wolf, lion, tiger or leopard, it means you will hear wild talk. That is, a dirty smear campaign will be spread against you.

Be mindful of how you clean your ear.