Guide to understanding forehead dreams

If you have dreamed about your forehead being unusual, here is a guide to understanding forehead dreams. If you dream your forehead looks normal, it means you are sincere and honest. If you dream seeing someone else’s forehead as normal, or healthy looking, it means that person is sincere and honest. This dream could have been triggered by your intuition.

If you dream seeing someone’s forehead being ugly with ulcers/ pimples/ creases/ wounds/ or diseases, it means that person has problems. Those problems are likely resulting from their brain caused actions. This implies the person is insincere, dishonest or has bad intentions. The dream symbol of a ugly or diseased forehead means their brain is the cause of bad behaviors. Your intuition has been alerted to the probable psychological behaviors of that person, and triggered this dream. This is a warning dream.

If you dream seeing forehead covered in a hard material like stone or metal, it means that person is very tough. That dream icon could be worker in a uniform group, like the police or army, or lawyer/ tax collector/ prostitute.

Pie chart on different dreams on forehead

Pie chart shows different dreams about the forehead
Pie chart shows main types of dreams on the forehead

Other dream interpretations for forehead dreams:

The dreamer needs to think about how they handle intelligence & foolishness.

Dreaming of a bowed head means the dreamer is overpowered and admits loss.

If the dreamer sees that someone punches them on the head, it means they need to think about the foolishness of their acts in a particular event.