Dreaming of unicorn

The meaning of this dream is that you have lofty ambitions. The unicorn is a mythical creature which is rare. When you dream of seeing a rare creature, it means you are aiming for high goals. You’re looking for something difficult and evasive to locate. But when you do find it, you’ll feel like you’ve struck your lottery.

Fictional story on unicorns:
Unicorns exist in the realm of fantasy stories. In a science fiction, they could be written to live in a different dimension, which is yet to be accessed by mankind. Unicorns may be the aliens we hanker to meet. Humans have been emitting signals into outer space, to connect with aliens. If unicorns are living out there, may they be able enough to pick up these signals and craft a reply. May they contact us to communicate and share their world.

Dreaming of a unicorn.