Dreaming of murmuration of starlings

If you dream of a large flock of birds flying in formation, it may mean bad news. Birds migrate because of a change in season/ weather/ danger. This dream imagery of starlings may have been triggered by something you saw during your day.

Why are these birds named as starlings? Starlings are small to medium-sized passerine birds in the bird species called Sturnidae.

Starlings create sounds similar to murmur, when they fly and beat their wings. Starlings may also make soft bird calls and these sound like murmur too.

Dreaming of a murmuration of starlings can also carry good meanings:

Starlings fly in large flocks called murmurs. A murmuration formation protects the starlings as a predator may be frightened by the large numbers of starlings. They stand together in a large murmur to keep warm, especially at night. The starlings in the murmur also communicate with one another. They exchange information on where to find good feeding areas.

The good dream interpretation meanings for a murmuration of starlings are:

  1. Get protection in a large group.
  2. Keep warm in a big group.
  3. Communicate important information for survival.

When a murmuration of starlings is translated to dream interpretation for humans, it means the dreamer should get to know crowds of people to network, to get help.

Prompt – murmuration of starlings.