Dreaming of court

If you were dreaming of a court of law, then your daytime reality may have triggered this dream. If you have a legal problem, then your subconsciousness may have brought up this dream. If you don’t have this serious problem which may lead to a court appearance, then the next thing that suggests this is a probable problem that is brewing for you. This dream is a simulation of a threat, or a reminder to watch your affairs to prevent legal trouble.

If you are in an industry that deals with legal matters, then dreaming of a court session is quite normal for you. The work that you do in your life, has this theme, which has extended into your dreams.

If you dreamed of a royal court, it can mean you are in some importance and you may be invited to the presence of royalty. Your workplace may be visited by a royalty.

Prompt – court from #FOWC.

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