Meaning of box dream

What’s the meaning when you dream of a box? You have to ask yourself some questions. Have you seen that box before? Was it a box you’ve seen in your real life? What was kept in the box? Did something happen during your day, that reminded you of that box?

Maybe the box was only a symbol that represents something else in your life. Dream imagery are specific to the dreamer’s associations. The box has a unique meaning to you, because of what it stands for, in your life.

If dreamer sees oneself being limited by boundaries, they would dream of a box, or being in a box.

If dreamer sees themselves packing things into a box, it may mean the storage of excess emotions, or thoughts which are undesired. Females are traditionally depicted as being square or fixed in thinking. They are like boxes.

Depending on your current circumstances, you can take one of these dream interpretations as your dream’s meaning.

Dream imagery of a box can refer to a female or females in general.

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