Dreaming of jungle

Dream interpretation of forest.

Dreaming of jungle –
The dream interpretation says you might be lost in a jungle. The jungle is a mysterious place, full of natural resources, and danger. If you see this abundance of nature, it could mean you need to use these resources. This means your money and present resources are finishing soon. A jungle is associated with thick foliage and it’s difficult to cut a path to walk through the jungle. This image may hint that you are facing obstructions in your waking life. If you feel you’re in a jungle now, take heart. Use your internal compass to find your direction.

Meanings of dream imagery of jungle:

  1. A wild, unfriendly place.
  2. Challenges obstruct your path.
  3. You face hardship and suffering in a certain place like a jungle.
  4. A jungle symbolizes a loss of direction on where to walk next.
  5. You are looking for a compass or directions to walk out of this confusing place called a jungle.
  6. If you feel comfortable with this dream imagery of a jungle and its wild environment, it means you actually like this setting. In reality, this means you prefer to be free in the wild, without many structures (rules) to hinder you.
  7. Dreaming of a jungle can be a foretelling of hardships ahead in your life. It is a warning of the struggles to survive.
  8. A dream metaphor of a jungle can mean a tough/ competitive environment. Translated into waking reality, the jungle can be a office or other competitive environment, where you have to struggle to survive.

Have you ever dreamed about being in a jungle?