Dreaming of intimacy

The photo challenge shows a mosaic pattern made up of “leaves”. The order of the swirling concentric circles of leaves creates a sense of overwhelming beauty. The surrounding foliage of random dropped leaves contribute to the identity of the arranged pattern.

Likewise in human relationships, there are rules and unsaid rules, to form a systematic order. The boundaries are defined by rules, and for good reason too. They are the glue that cement propriety and acceptable social behavior.

The comic shows how two teenagers interact. The female is bound by parental rules, moral sense and awareness of threat. The male teenager is day dreaming of intimacy. He has a plan to create an environmental setting to seduce the girl. He wants to stretch the confines of normality and stray away from the pattern laid out by parents.

Boy invites girl for home stay.
Girl declines boy’s invitation.

Photo Challenge #231 and MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie here.

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