Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress pics #12

Dreaming of husband’s mistress. Please click on the link to read the original post.

You can follow the series Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress pics #1, Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress pics #2 and etc, by typing in the title into the search box. This post shows #12.

Dreaming of The Other Woman. Fiction. Or not:

This story started out with Penelope dreaming of her husband’s mistress. Then he really leaves her to live and work in another country. Looks like her dream was a prophesy. Then, people in Penelope’s neighborhood began behaving in strange ways.

The picture below shows Rhonda, the estate manager. She has eyes for Hanson, a security guard who works there. He takes some advantage of her. Hey, who wouldn’t accept free lunches when they come to you? Hanson has eyes for other women. Especially those who own at least one apartment in the building complex where he works. Rhonda sure can’t top that.

Rhonda sweet talks Hanson about dating and needing his help elsewhere.
Rhonda has eyes only for Hanson.

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