Dreaming of hearing cell phone ringing

In the wee hours of the day of Friday, Nov. 20, 2020, I was dreaming of hearing my cell phone ringing. I woke up which made me stop hearing y cell phone ringing. I knew immediately it was a dream. I glanced at my bedside alarm clock. It showed 1:30 am. I was very sleepy so I went back to seep. In the morning, I checked my phone and true to my expectations, there was no missed call. I asked my family members if they had been up at around 1:30 am to receive phone calls and they replied in the negative. During the day, one of them got a call at around 3:20 pm.

I hate to say this. My dream may have been foretelling of what was coming my way. That afternoon, a relative called on the cell phone. She informed us that her brother met with an accident. He has been treated and warded for observation.

My dream of hearing a cell phone ringing might have been a sheer coincidence to the actual incident. Or not.