Dreaming of van

If you were dreaming of a van, be it inside a van, or driving a van, it can mean several possibilities.

  1. You were dreaming old memories of being inside a van.
  2. You had good memories about vans or a certain brand of van.
  3. You had bad memories related to vans.
  4. You wish to get a van for your own reasons.
  5. Your close relative or friend has a van and you have an association with it.
  6. A van is going to play an important role in your life. Maybe your work involves using a van.
  7. You need a van to transport goods or to sleep in it.

Owning a van is useful when a person is homeless.

Old fashioned but trustworthy van. For coloring.

James Kelly explains “I was fortunate enough to have a van when I moved out of my father’s house and I could sleep in my van for a while until it quit running.”

He tells his story of how mental illness made him homeless in his book “Who Am I“. The review is at the link. Please click on it.

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