Dreaming of vampires

If you were dreaming of vampires, it means one of the following dream interpretations:

  1. You had been reading or watching too much of vampire stories.
  2. You maybe unwell with a blood related illness like anemia, or immune deficiency illness.
  3. The vampire may be a metaphor referring to a waking life situation like someone metaphorically sucking your blood. This type of metaphysical vampire is one that makes you angry, frustrated, or consumes your energy.

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I just finished reading a story on vampires. The book is titled Kerwall Town.

This is my book review of Kerwall Town by S. D. Reed.

Kerwall Town was dying until Frances and Victoria, mysterious strangers, came to say they owned . The narrator hints that Victoria could be a vampire because she is fascinated with blood. Then Frances instructs a town resident named Ricky, to do a horrifying act. Don’t read this chapter at night. Its really gruesome. The author described this process in a most gruesome manner that is worthy of making this book a Halloween read.

Every single one of the cast of characters has their own back story. Then the author shows how they meet their end.

The baddies tackle the town’s residents mostly through hypnosis and brainwashing.

The old residents, being salt of the earth, smell out the rats for who they are, and plot their defence.

The vampires were not the only villains. The younger vicar was the horrible Skin Snatcher killer.

It was an interesting journey through the book. All’s well that ends well.

End of Book Review.

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