Dreaming she tied him to a chair

What does it mean to be dreaming she tied him to a chair?

In a book, a writer wrote she tied her husband to a chair. (Cain, Indelicacy, p. 63) Read all about it in the book Indelicacy, by Amina Cain.

To be dreaming of tying a man or woman to a chair, usually has some connotations related to a captor restraining their victim, or a masochistic act. The restraints deploy an unfair power play.

The dreamer may like to reflect on their circumstances. Let’s pretend you are the dreamer. Now answer these questions. Are you being tied up at work or at home? Are you overwhelmed with official work or housework? These circumstances may trigger dream imagery of being tied up.

Is someone having a hold on you? The restraints (hold) can be financial, power, status, authority and etc. This dominant position can be represented in dream imagery as you being tied up.

Other forms of intangible tying up are obligations to maintain secrecy, to keep being responsible for duties and etc.

In this book, the author wrote that her character tied her husband down to his chair.

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