Dreamed dead celebrity talked to you

If you dreamed a dead celebrity talked to you, it can mean

  1. You are an ardent fan of that celebrity.
  2. You have been watching too much of that celebrity. If that person was related to music, then you may have been listening a lot of their music.
  3. You have something to say to that celebrity and you desire to communicate your message so much that you dream about them talking to you.
  4. If you had actually met that celebrity, then the dream might be a replay or mesh up of old memories.
  5. You may have seen, heard or had something that reminded you of that celebrity. This trigger can activated the invention of a dream.

This is my experience on what it means when you dream of dead people talking to you.

Dreaming of dead people being alive
Dreaming of dead people being alive

Interpreting Dreams on Dead People book link.