Dreaming of breakup scene


He wears a black T with white skull, coupled with cream Bermudas. She wears a grey T, paired with a pair of grey pants imprisoned with dark blue strips. Her back is hunched, strapped with a backpack. She intentionally omitted makeup. Plain Jane was accentuated by short hair with bangs.

He presents a single red rose bud to her. She doesn’t accept it.

“Actually I’m not looking for a boyfriend.”

“Well we can spend time together as friends. It’s also nice.”

“I want to clarify things before you get the wrong idea.”

“Okay. Gotcha. What would you like to eat?”

“We can share a box of nine piece nuggets.”

“Right. What sauce would you like?” He doesn’t know her well enough.

“Barbeque, barbeque, barbeque.” Her emphasis couldn’t be more clear. She was stressed and didn’t realize how much emphasis she placed.

He returns with a tray – a box of chicken nuggets with a hot beverage cup. They polish off nine pieces in a flash. He wishes she would share the drink he paid for her but that would be a concession on her part.

“Let’s go now. ” She says and he jumps up to attention.

“Don’t forget your bag.” He retrieves it from the seat. He holds the rose. Still holding out hope she would accept it at the end of the evening.

They walk outside to hail a cab.

They get into the back seat and are safely positioned by safety belts. He makes her rose stand in the pouch behind the driver’s seat. He is sending her home. They engage in small talk. When they reach their destination, he loses all hope and leaves the rose behind. He walks her to the foot of her block. And walks back alone to the bus stop.

* The end.

Dreaming of a breakup when the two people are singles – means they may continue their relationship and go from strength to strength. The dream portends the potential union of the two.