Dreaming of big cat statue

Dreaming of big cat statue – Do you know why some cultures like to promote the display of statues? For example, the Chinese culture has an aspect called Fengshui, or explained in other words, the belief that natural elements of the surroundings can generate energy for good luck. Chinese who live on landed homes with external gates, place statues of big cats, like lions, at the gates. These lions are supposed to guard the gate of the house, to prevent evil and bad hats from entering. How does a statue of a lion guard the house? It is an object after all. It works by the fact that the face and form of the statue look fearsome. Intruders can be frightened when they gaze on the statue and are reminded of the cultural implications associated with the statue guard. Old Chinese common folk tales propagate the view that spirits who roam the earth search for a body to reside in, as their old corporeal bodies have decomposed. These homeless spirits may decide to reside in the statues of big cats. The spirits then guard the house, because they dislike disturbance when strangers intend to do mischief in the vicinity.

It is odd to dream of a cat statue. If you dream of a statue, it means you had been impressed by it during the day. The statue may have reminded you of some meaning by association. Everyone has their own unique dream interpretation, because every dream symbol carries specific meaning to the individual involved. No two persons can share the same association for one particular dream symbol, even if they belong to the same ethnicity and/or culture.

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  1. I bought a book on Feng Shui many years ago and quite like it, if nothing else it reminds one to simplify and cherish

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