Dreaming of being unprepared to take test

Dreaming of being unprepared to take test.

She had a bad dream or nightmare. During the day, her mental state was tense, stressful and anxious. During the night, her sleeping state continued these themes in a dream. Suddenly, she was thrust into the exam hall with a question paper in her hand. She did not study for this because she was either unaware of this event, or had forgotten to prepare for it. Dreaming about a situation which you are not ready to handle is a simulation of a threat. Are you going to face such a situation in waking life? Are you slightly suspicious that you might encounter a difficult situation soon? Its time to start some preparations to equip yourself to handle the event.

Maybe you already are in a tough situation which makes you feel you are challenged to cope with the issues. that can also trigger a dream of being helpless.

Dreaming of test papers and exam papers
September 13 2016 – I dreamed of my teacher giving me back my exam papers. I received all my exam papers except my History exam paper.

Dream analysis – Dreaming of tests, exams, homework and any form of evaluation, are triggered by anxiety. I probably was anxious about current events and this triggered my dreams.

Dreaming of examinations again
November 13 2016 – I dreamed I was in the exam hall and waiting to sit for my Biology Paper. When the invigilator handed me my question paper, I got the fright of my life! The paper was set in a foreign language which I did not understand. I panicked and woke up.

Updated Nov. 22 2016 – I dreamed I was in school, expecting to sit for my Biology Paper 2. I saw some students hanging around and I asked them if they had sat for Bio Paper 2 and they replied no. I was very worried as I thought I had missed my exam. Strangely, after this dream, I met my classmate C., who told me that she had dreamed about me. C. said that she dreamed I had missed an exam paper, or something bad had happened to me.

Updated Nov. 29 2016 – I dreamed that I had studied for an exam, but I had studied the wrong subject. I felt very anxious, as I thought I would fail my exam.

Meaning of dream – Anxiety seems to be the main trigger for this dream.

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