Dreaming of being bear-like

Meaning of dreaming of a bear with its traits.

Dreaming of being bear-like:

When we dream, we can see ourselves in our dream. Sometimes we are in non-human forms. Most of the time, we see our dream image as a human form. Be it human or not, we can identify ourselves in our dream, because we feel the self-identity.

If you dream of being a bear, it means you have some characteristics of the animal. For instance, you might be strong, ferocious, slow to anger, or creative. The last attribute is because of the creative ways a bear can think of, to hunt prey, or steal honey from a bee hive. In waking life, try to engage in a hobby that uses creativity, like painting. This way, you are testing out the dream analysis. If you are not creative in that way, you might be having other traits of the bear. You might like to try out different things to discover more about yourself.

Dreaming of being a bear.

In dreams, the bear can be a link between the conscious and unconscious. It stands in-between these two realms. When you dream of seeing a bear, it can also mean that your unconscious wants to convey a message out into the open.


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