Dream symbols of male sexuality

Dream symbols of male sexuality are represented by objects whose shapes resemble the primary male sex organ. Objects and shapes which are long, sharp, potent weapons appear in dream imagery, to suggest the male sex organ. If you see such shapes in a dream, the interpretation is that you have dreamed of male sexuality.

Examples are fruit and vegetables which have the long, elongated shape. Other objects could be the knife, syringe, spear, umbrella, etc.

Why has the dreamer seen dream imagery that pertains to male sexuality? This can be revealed by dream analysis and dream interpretation.

Dreams can be triggered by

  1. A stimulus that happened during the dreamer’s day.
  2. A theme in mind during the day, has continued into a dream at night.
  3. Input like participation in reading/ watching that involves male sexuality,
Dreaming of husband's mistress
Rhonda traps Hanson in bars of mental stress, guilt, physical boundaries of work, materialism, carnal pleasure and economic status.