Dream of the sea

I dream of the sea for its beauty. I stand at the beach and watch the the tide as it comes and ebbs in soothing rhythm. In my dream, I was on a boat. I was traveling somewhere which was not revealed to me. The journey seemed to take forever. I was not reaching my destination. Then I woke up without a conclusion to my dream.

Upon reflection, I guessed at the meaning of my dream. My life was like an endless journey. I had no sight of my destination. I only knew I had to survive from mile to mile. In the sea of life, mysterious things surfaced to meet me. They could be causes for concern, but only for brief periods of life. Life, like the sea, has currents which would carry the things away. They were small incidents and episodes which moved away.

Photo prompt on woman and child in boat.

My collage on a woman in a boat.

Dreaming of rowing a boat.

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