Dream of tea

Dream of tea behind bars

The dream of tea behind bars isn’t a good one. One is restricted and kept like an animal. In waking life, it means the environment is oppressive. Behind bars, the penal system tries to replicate a society, albeit with a modified surrounding. The dream symbol of tea attempts to bring an element of luxurious civilian life into the abnormal in prison. In waking life, you are facing challenges, even as you struggle to handle them, to live as normally as you can. Having tea behind a barricade of opposition means you are trying to live normally, by maintaining an old habit of drinking tea.

If you dream of black tea, it might mean you need to take time to digest your situation. If you were very busy in waking life, then this dream tells you to relax, take stock of the meaning behind events, and debate on your plans for your future.

Dreaming of milk tea:

This can mean you desire the comfort of a refreshing and sweet beverage. Tea soothes, calms and strengthens. You might have been dealing with difficult work, family life or personal relationships. This dream may be a hint to you to take a breather, relax, get some help, and then continue with your station in life.

There are other details about the nature of the tea, which holds more meanings for waking life.

Dreaming of weak tea means a broken friendship.

Dream of strong tea means getting new friendship.

Dreaming of spilling tea means you’re getting good luck.

Dream of stirring tea means bad luck.

Dream of tea leaves floating in tea pot means a stranger will befriend you.

Writing prompt on a photo of a glass mug of plain black tea from Sunday Photo Fictioner.