Picture Journal entry #1

Picture Journal entry #1

I’m grateful for every day I live. I came from a dark place, into the light. I cannot stop marveling at the beauty of nature. I partake in the joy of being alive. Thank you, God!

Thank you all for being here.

Waiting at bus stop, bus comes, driver says no dog.

Inside the bus, waiting at the traffic light.

Paying for dermatology bill. Snobby receptionist asks her colleague if the woman with the big bag has stolen things from their premises.

Buying ice cream from vendor, inside the book store, paying for purchase.

Taking bus away, tall passenger in bus.

The tallest man I’ve seen in a bus. His head almost touched the roof of the bus.

The gal eats while the older woman rushes to the drug store. Then gal leaves for her class.

A man inside the restaurant wears shirt with slogan “We create” !!!

Waiting at bus stop, bus comes, driver says no dog.

The night ends and we head back home. That’s why the first series of drawings is repeated. None of these activities would have happened, without the mercy of God. Thank you God!