Dream of old man giving advice

To dream of old man means you are seeing a wise man, who maybe your spiritual guide/ oracle or sage. Is the old man dispensing useful information? Does his info pertain to anything in your waking life? It could be your subconscious brain sending you a message, after it has processed stimuli and derived conclusions. Only you can interpret the latent meaning of your dream, because you know yourself, and the factors surrounding the event.

Here is an example of the old man, who may be one of the Three Wise Men (Magi). The Three Wise Men dreamed the same dream – “Don’t return to see King Herod.”How is it possible for three men to experience the same dream in their individual heads? Was the warning from the collective unconsciousness?

They dreamed that God told them not to return to see Herod. God, who usually appears as an Old Man, could the an archetype of the dreamer. Every dreamer has an archetype and the Three Wise Men, could have the same archetype, because they were similar in nature. That could also be why the Three Wise Men Magi could see the same dream in their heads.

And being warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they went back to their own country by another way. (Matthew. 2:12).

After seeing the Infant Jesus in the manger, they were stimulated by the sight. This visual stimulus could have triggered the dream for each of them. Each Magi, relying on his own knowledge, experience, culture of their society, knowledge of King Herod, and intuition, could invent their own dream about what to do regarding King Herod’s previous instruction to them, to return to him, to talk about visiting the Infant Jesus.

The Three Wise Men suspected bad intentions from King Herod. Thus, they decided to hide their route from King Herod.

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