Dream of nails, Dreaming of fingernails, Dream of Toe Nails

Be mindful of where you shed your nail clippings.

The state of finger nails is an indication of one’s health. When you look at a finger nail or toe nail, you may be able to see a rising semi-circle, or less than a semi-circle of white beneath your nail. That has been long associated as an indication of the measure of health. If you have a large semi-circle beneath one of your nails, or have many such semi-circles, then you may not be in your prime of health.

If you dream of. finger nails or toe nails, it means someone may be attacking your health. For instance, you may be asked to do a lot of work and this gives you stress and less time to take care of your health.

If you see dream imagery of nails being hammered. into your body, it means you are being cured of whatever was ailing you. This dream interpretation does not follow normal logic. It is in opposition to the common practice of voodoo, where nails/ pins/ sharp blades, are stabbed into a doll that represents a person.

If you see metal nails lying on the floor, it means someone who has left them there, has intention of harming you.

Conversely, if you see dream imagery of yourself picking up metal nails from the floor and clearing them, it means you are saving yourself from harm.

Flow chart of meanings of dreaming of fingers, wrists and hands
Flow chart of meanings of dreaming of fingers, wrists and hands

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