Dream of fetus growing outside body

If you dream of fetus growing outside body, it means a strange event is happening. A baby is not nurtured by a pregnant woman, and yet it manages to grow. The dream interpretation can mean the fetus is unwanted. But it will grow in spite of not getting maternal love. The pregnant woman may not be prepared for the fetus. That is why the brain invented the dream imagery to convey the message that the fetus is outside the mother’s body.

Dreaming of fetus usually means a growth is happening. This can be a baby, project or hobby that is developing.

The dream imagery of a fetus is symbolic. It may not always mean that a baby is growing inside you.

Does the dream symbol of fetus represent something inside you? Do you have a personal project, relationship or hobby that is being nurtured at the moment?

Dream imagery of a fetus can mean you’re needy, like the way a baby is needy.

The baby is a dream icon that represents neediness for milk, water, food, and care. If you’re an adult, dreaming of a fetus can be a message to take care of yourself. You may have been neglecting to care for your primary needs and the neglects could have triggered this dream.

Besides tangible needs, you have intangible needs like psychological needs and emotional needs.

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