Dream of being invisible

If you dream of being invisible, it may mean you experienced being neglected or ignored in your waking life. There could be a crowd of people around you, but you feel like a wall flower because nobody takes notice of you.

Sometimes, your behavior and personality form impressions on people. If you are an introvert, quiet and do not participate in social interactions, people may form impressions of you being such, or being anti-social. Predictions of behaviors are self fulfilling in that people will then try to avoid you. It is like a self fulfilling cycle.

So, if you dream of being invisible, neglected or ignored, you might wish to do the opposite behaviors, to interact with people. Start talking to people who you think may be interested to share a conversation with you. You create your own magnetism. Your energy and vibes can attract people to yourself. You will see that you become less invisible.

Blue cat sits at corner of colored walls and floor.
Corgi drawn and painted on newspaper.
Corgi dog made of text, beige brown paper on blue gouache background.

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