Dream of alcohol

Dreaming of drinking alcohol.

If you dream you were drinking alcohol, then there can be a variety of latent meanings. If you are facing pressure and stress, and have sought a temporary escape from your problems, then the dream imagery of drinking is a mental and psychological relief. Although the brain has conjured this as an escape, it is not a true solution. You know the enduring way is to examine your problems and think of strategies to cope. Seek help if you require assistance.

If you dream of drinking spirits to celebrate, then it could be an even in waking life, which gives you celebrate. If you don’t know the cause, then maybe your subconsciousness has processed some input stimuli that tells you good news is coming.

If you have been drinking regularly, this dream of alcohol and spirits tries to hint that you have a close relationship with drinking. Perhaps too close. You may like to reflect and examine your use of substances and why you depend on them. Please seek help from professionals if necessary.


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