Dream interpretation of electric shock

Dream interpretation of electric shock.

Dream interpretation of electric shock
The meaning of dreaming of suffering an electric shock is of course, a threat and warning. An electric shock in symbolism warns you to be careful. Be mindful of your surroundings as you may not know what danger lurks around you. Nobody wants to get electrocuted, but it happens due to carelessness, or faulty electrical equipment. This symbol also implies that although you may suffer a shock, but you will learn and be better able to cope with subsequent experiences.

Electric shock from humans
There could be a surprise from humans, situation, or event that supplies this “electric shock”. Look for expected trouble. Expect or anticipate opposition and resistance, which is the source of shock in a metaphorical appearance.

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Physical electric shock that harms
On a practical note, we should be extra alert whenever we step outside our home. Awareness of our surroundings will inform us of situations where there are threats. We will have some time to think on our feet to fight or take flight to escape the harm.

An electric shock is a freak incident. It rarely happens unless the wiring has been faulty and nothing was done to rectify this. An electric shock symbolizes a sudden, unexpected and rare event. If it is compared to waking life, it can be translated to represent something that occurs suddenly/ unexpectedly/ infatuation/ in good luck/ or a disaster. The shock means that probably is an element of fear.

The negative dream interpretation of electric shock dream –
If you dream of an electric shock, it could mean you should prepare yourself for a surprise/ trouble/ disaster. You can reflect on what is on-going in your life and how you can anticipate problems and prepare to face them. A dream image of an electric shock can mean that the end result of a event is coming. After the electric shock, the event reaches its finale and ends. If you have prepared for the shock, then it ends well, or ends without giving you more sudden troubles to handle.

In your brain, you’ve probably seen and heard stimuli that suggests a sudden turn of event, aka an electric shock that is coming. That is why in your dream, the image of electric shock is played. Your subconscious brain sends an alert, as a dream image.

Physical implications of dreaming of electric shock –
On the other hand, if you know that there is a faulty electrical appliance/ computer/ power outlet/ wiring that can emit an electric shock when you touch it, then your dream is a warning of the threat and danger of an electric shock from faulty equipment. You should make necessary measures like getting an electrician to check on the fault. If  the equipment does not belong to you, notify the relevant owner/ authority, to do the steps to ensure safety for everyone concerned. If you know if a faulty piece of electrical appliance, remove it from use. Do the necessary to get it replaced. Your safety is more precious than the money which has to be spent to replace the affected equipment.

Dream imagery of an electric shock is a physical injury. The burn can symbolize a physical burn, or intangible emotional burn injury. Dream images of injury can be messages to tell you that in waking reality, you have been injured, or you have injured someone. The fact that you dreamed of the nature of injury being from an electric shock, says something. The injury is sudden, not obvious to others, and deeply searing. The implications are resemble the nature of electric shock in reality. Anybody who unknowingly touches the victim, may also in turn, suffer a shock as electricity may be conducted to the other person.

Electric shock from lightning –
Lightning strikes at a target, like giving it an electric shock. And contrary to popular belief that lightning never strikes twice at the same target, this is false. Lightning, or electric shock, can strike twice at the same target.

What does it mean to dream of electricity that wants to shock me?

Electricity and electric current can cause physical damage and psychological trauma. Electric current can give a jolt, or burns. Maybe your brain knows that a certain electrical appliance or wiring is faulty. Your dream can be a warning of this threat. It serves to remind you to get something done, to rectify this danger.

What can we do if we get an electric shock in a dream?

1) Identify the source of electricity (danger in waking life).

2) Prepare to deal with the after effects of the shock.

3) Prepare to minimize damage after the attack happens.

4) Make concrete preparations to leave the place of danger before the risks take effect.

An electric shock dream imagery can be a jolt to wake up. Perhaps you were living life under a certain impression which may not be true. Maybe you were misled by someone who pretended to be your friend, but is not. This dream imagery of an electric shock may be your subconscious mind trying to wake you up, to realize the true nature of the situation.

Meanings of dreaming someone was electrocuted:

1) Someone was being “hazed” or harmed. This can be a warning. What do you know of that person that warrants punishment? Maybe that person is doing risky activities in work or leisure?

2) Someone is in contact with faulty electrical equipment. Do you know if they are using faulty appliances or etc?


1) Faulty electrical appliances.

2) Faulty electrical wiring.

3) Live power cables.

4) Electrical appliance used in near contact with water (moisture).

Damages caused by electric shock of varying voltage:
Electric shock of low voltage causes –
1) Jerk away from source of shock,
2) Falling away,
3) Dropping of hand held objects.

Stronger currents electric shock causes –
(1) Pain/ discomfort,
(2) Muscle contractions,
(3) Inability to move away from source of shock.

Larger currents of electric shock causes –
1. Tissue damage,
2. Cardiac arrest,
3. Electrocution death.

High voltage can jump through the air to contact with a person and give electric shock.

In your dream, were you the receiver or electric shock, or were you the giver of electric shock to another person?

If you were the administrator of electric shocks, what motivated you? Were you instructed by a person of authority to flip the switch to administer a dose of electric shock to somebody? Were you a passive worker just obeying instructions? Where are your morals and ethics? Are you bound and gagged to blindly obey an authority, to give the electric shocks? The answers to these questions will tell you about yourself. If you were a blind follower of highly suspect practices, then this dream of giving electric shocks to another person, is a message to you. Its time to change. You have to figure out what are the changes you can make for yourself.

Real situation of electric shock (General information)

If you see someone unconscious or immobile near electrical wiring or electrical appliance, you should suspect the person had an electric shock. You should protect yourself. Don’t touch the person or remove any electrical objects with your hands. Try to locate the main electric switchboard and turn off the power.

If you have rubber gloves, put them on. Find a wooden stick or short wooden object which you can hold to use as leverage to shift the electrical wiring or electric appliances away from the victim’s body. Don’t touch any electrical wire or appliance with your bare hands. Make sure the victim is not in contact with any electrical objects. You should not touch the victim with bare hands. If you don’t have rubber/ plastic gloves, use a large piece of cloth to touch them if you have to.

If victim is conscious, ask this person if they can see and hear you. If the electric shock was not serious, you still need to check on their condition for the next few hours. The victim requires emergency medical attention if they show symptoms of:

1) Breathing irregularities
2) Irregular heart beat
3) Muscle pain or involuntary muscle movements
4) Confusion
5) Seizure
6) Losing consciousness.

If you see the victim being unconscious with an electrical appliance or wiring nearby, You should use a non-conductor of electricity like a wooden stick or large plastic object, to shift the electrical object away from the person. Be very careful that you don’t get into contact because you might also get an electric shock. Then, check the victim for pulse. If victim does not breath, nor has a pulse, then you should apply C.P.R. You should call for an ambulance. In the meantime, continue CPR and check for response.

Certain physiological conditions can cause feelings of electric shock. The causes can come from any of the following –

Autoimmune disorders
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Herniated disc
Hormone imbalance
Nerve disorders
Spinal stenosis
Vitamin B deficiency

Dreaming of electric shock.

Dream meaning of electricity (electric) light on my head
Manmade light is made to shine on your head. You need external help to light your way. You may be having problems coping alone. Try to seek help fro others, who are able to shine a light for you and help you. You may be highlighted because of a reason and that is why a light is shining on your head.

Spiritual meaning of electrical shock –
You are given a rude awakening of an electric shock. Either something dangerous (like a risky activity) has backfired and harmed you a little, or this dream image is to remind you to be alert/ wake up/ change. Either way, you should reflect on what is wrong in your life, environment, behavior & etc. You should pay attention to your dream’s warning and change before the situation gets serious. On the spiritual level, if you interpret a dream of getting an electric shock, it means you may have impending bad news/ expectations. Conversely, you are highlighted to receive a surprising warning like an electric shock. Only you can interpret this dream symbol, and understand what needs attention to be addressed and changed.

Examples of places and faulty equipment which may give electric shock.

Electric shock at a pedestrian crossing traffic light button.


Get a sticker to remind you to switch off your power to prevent electric shock.

Get safety plugs to prevent children playing with electric power point sockets.

What is ECT?
Electric shock treatment for mental illnesses like depression, schizophrenia, mania, and etc, is called Electroconvulsive Therapy, or ECT.

Who gets this treatment?
Patients with mental illnessess.

Where is ECT done?
Electric shock therapy is done in hospitals with psychiatric wards.

When is ECT done?
It is when small currents of electricity is applied to certain areas of te brain to jolt it.

Why do patients need this ECT?
When drugs (medication) are used but no substantial improvement is observed.

If you had a dream of getting an electric shock, or receiving a series of electric shocks, then try to remember the environment in your dream. Were you in a hospital? Was it a hospital for psychiatric patients? Are you feeling stressed, or depressed? If you were feeling anxious, depressed, or disturbed, then this dream of electric shock is a message from your inner consciousness. It wants to tell you to seek attention and treatment for your mental disturbances.

Milgram Electric Shock Experiment:
This was a study in psychology, using electric shock. The goal of this study was to show how a person chooses to obey the authority who instructed him, over their own conscience on harming a fellow human being. This experiment using electric shock was designed by Stanley Milgram, who was a psychologist working in Yale University, in the United States. He tested his hypothesis under controlled conditions. The participants in this experiment were told they were helping a student to learn, by giving him electric shocks, when he gave the wrong answers to questions. Participants in Milgram’s Electric Shock Experiment were not told that this was a study on obedience. People who had good behaviors, became bad, when they blindly obeyed instructions from the authority, to administer electric shocks. The participants ignored their personal conscience to stop harming the student.

If you had studied psychology and Milgram’s Electric Shock experiment, AND dreamed of getting an electric shock or shocks, then your dream has specific meanings for you. The dream interpretation follows the logic behind Milgram’s Experiment. In real life, you may be asked to obey an authority, even when the instruction does not agree with your personal ethics/ conscience.

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