Dream interpretation of burning candles

Dreaming of candles.

The dream interpretation of three burning candles can be good or bad. If it brings good news, it can signify a big event like a wedding. If it brings bad news, it can portend a tragedy like a death.

Dreaming of a candle burned down to its end.

If you see a candle that has burned down to its wick, it signifies hard times. To be forced to use a candle until the very last drop of wax means one is hard of resources. One has to be thrifty and use a precious resource right down to the very last drop.

Dreaming of lighting a candle.

To dream of lighting a candle means to see hardship coming soon.  A candle is a symbol of hope and comfort. To light a candle means it is done in anticipation of difficult times ahead.

Have you ever dreamed of candles? How did your dream relate to your waking hours?

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