Dream interpretation locked suitcase (updated)

One night, I dreamed of a locked suitcase. My friend was staying over at my place. She wanted to borrow toiletries and clothes. I asked her why. She said her suitcase was locked and she couldn’t open it because she lost her key. I searched for her key and found it. I used the key to open her luggage bag.

The meaning of carrying extra suitcase

There could be a few dream interpretations for this dream imagery. The person whose suitcase was locked, could have deliberately delayed finding the key to open her suitcase. The reason being that she didn’t want to use her own resources. She may have wanted to conserve her resources for fear of running out her supplies.

This dream was triggered by a real life incident. My relative called us on the telephone, to say that he found an old suitcase in his family home. It was locked using a number combination lock and he couldn’t remember the code to open it. He asked us to help him by suggesting some number codes. We tried to suggest birthdays, and anniversary days, but none of these cracked the code. Then he said he would bring the locked suitcase to a locksmith to try to get it opened.

Here are some alternative meanings of dreaming of locked suitcase. Dream imagery of carrying something means you have “personal baggage”. You’re carrying around a suitcase or luggage because you’re not ready to leave it behind. This load is usually emotional, mental, and/ or psychological. The dream imagery of the suitcase/ luggage being locked suggests there is a need for confidentiality and privacy.

If you tell yourself to leave your suitcase/ luggage behind, you are ready to handle the old issue and move forward.

Meanings of dreaming of locked suitcase.

How to brainwash yourself to stop dreaming of your suitcase/ luggage

Every day, sit in your quiet spot and tell yourself that you’re going to lose that unwanted suitcase/ luggage. You are not going to dream about that suitcase or luggage any longer. You will find that you don’t dream recurring dreams about that locked suitcase or baggage.

Pie chart shows different dream interpretations of meaning of dreaming of locked suitcase:

Dream interpretations of seeing locked suitcase
Meaning of dreaming of locked suitcase

Pie chart shows dream interpretations of dreaming of locked suitcase/ baggage:

dream interpretations of dreaming of locked suitcase/ baggage
dreaming of locked suitcase/ baggage

A suitcase/ baggage/ luggage in dream imagery means carrying a tangible or intangible load. You may be having an extra burden to bear, or you have psychological issues or old emotional wounds. There are dark clouds overhanging and they cloud over your present and future.

It may be time to discard the locked suitcase and past. We’re going to discuss the suitcases and what can help you handle these luggage and baggage.

Here are examples of suitcases/ luggage/ baggage containing old issues:

  1. The psychological or emotional wound suitcase.
  2. Baggage of grief for a loved one.
  3. The luggage containing separation pain.
  4. The suitcase packed full of financial worries.
  5. The bag of substance stimulants or unhealthy habits.

What can help you deal with your suitcase/ baggage/ luggage?

  1. Time
  2. Support
  3. Activities
  4. Work through issues
  5. Use nature to inspire you.
  6. Accept changes as the norm
  7. Exercise to release your happy hormone dopamine
  8. Cry to reduce emotional stress
  9. Take short trips to be stimulated by different environments
  10. Your new strength, knowledge and inner peace
  11. Your suffering offers you resilence
  12. Nurture your hopes
  13. Deal with your problems positively
  14. Don’t worry in advance.

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