Dreaming of romantic relationships (updated with pictures)

Have you dreamed of romantic relationships? Do your dreams play out well?

Most of us do not have satisfying endings to our romantic dreams. Why? One reason is because our romantic relationships are affected by our past ones. If we had a bad experience with an old relationship, it will influence our thoughts, feelings and actions in our future relationships with other people.

Do your past relationships affect your present ones? Yes. Your relationship with your Significant Other is affected by your past. Your first ever relationship is most likely to have been with your main caregiver. That first relationship determines how you develop your future relationships.

Here are some examples.

Romance and love are desired because of desired attachment to give emotional security. There are two types of attachment styles.

Attachment Styles: Secure attachment style &

Insecure attachment style.

Secure attachment style.

Insecure attachment style – can be split into 3 more subcategories of dismissing, preoccupied & unresolved.

Secure and autonomous adults had optimal experiences in childhood which allowed them to develop into secure adults.

Dismissing (insecure) people means they are dismissive of their experiences because of developmental issues during their childhood.

Love and work can make your life happy, or not.

To enjoy and be happy in a romantic relationship, you must be open with each other, be loving and trust each other.


Tackle the issue of trust in a relationship.

Trust in a relationship.

Older adults revert to generativity to create their happiness.

Older adults enjoy generating people, things, events and outcomes.
Young adult desires intimate relationship more than generativity.


Photo Prompt – couple in love.

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