Dream interpretation glass jar

One night, I dreamed of picking up a large glass jar. My older relative had discarded this jar, by the garbage bin. It was a good looking glass jar and I thought I could save it by giving it a second life as a storage jar. My relative came out of her house and I couldn’t pick up the jar because that would make me look bad. I was walking away from the jar when Relative left the vicinity. I seized the opportunity to pick up the glass jar and walked away.

Dream interpretation glass jar:

There is a fragile thing that deserves saving. I should be grateful for hand-me-downs or recycled things that their former owners have rejected.

There is another dream interpretation that is specific to my circumstances. I have been sorting out my home trash for recycling in my neighbor’s official recycling bins. I have trash bags for each category of material. I had observed that glass bottles featured prominently in the recycling bin. That explains the glass jar in my dream.

I can use this glass jar to save loose change.

Stealing money from the cookie jar.

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