Meaning of dreaming of bookstore

This is a recurrent dream. I have dreamed of going to a book store twice. Both dreams are similar. It begins with me going to perform an errand, to buy non-fiction books. In both dreams, I was delayed and side tracked, because I was unfamiliar with the location of the book shop. I didn’t know how to get there. I asked for directions, from people I met, while walking around. I managed to find the bookstore and bought my books.

What’s the meaning of this dream?

In real life, I was supposed to buy a list of books for a student. Then that particular book store was temporarily shut because of social distancing, and lockdown regulations. In my dream, this was represented by imagery of me getting lost while searching for the book shop. This dream could be a reminder to buy those books as soon as that book store is allowed to re-open.

Dreaming of books.

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