Black dog dream interpretation

Black dog dream interpretation
In some cultures, the color black denotes evil, mourning and bad luck. Common superstitions are avoiding the black cats and other black colored animals. Another common taboo is wearing black colored clothes at night. This has a practical side to it. Black clothing can’t be sported by motorists and its dangerous when you cross a road in the dark. Even where there are street lamps, visibility is low at night and may be further hampered by bad weather. On the cultural aspect, black is a sober non-color traditionally reserved for funerals. fashion has changed this concept and made black the sleek non-color to hide silhouettes.

If a person believes in the cultural associations with black as an unlucky color, then they would not be rearing a black dog. Apart from culture, there is no scientific basis for blaming the black dog for bad luck.

In some cultures in Southeast Asia, the peoples there are strongly rooted in culture and superstition. One of these cultures say that dogs are capable of seeing the presence of supernatural beings. A common belief says that when dogs see something un-natural, they howl. Some followers of Taoism, religions and cultures believe that the saliva of dogs hold the power to attain the six sense which is another sight. According to this old tale, when one rubs saliva on eyes/ eye -lids, one will have second sight, which is to see ghosts. I would say be careful as dogs may carry disease which can be transmitted across species through their body fluids like saliva.

Have you ever dreamed of a black dog? Did you get good luck or bad luck?

August 23 2016 – I dreamed of a small, miniature breed of dog. It was my first pet dog.

Dream interpretation – This dream was triggered by nostalgia. In real life, I had a small dog from a toy breed. It lived with us for about a year until it got lost while walking out.

Be mindful of exciting small dogs.

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