Bathroom dream, Toilet dream, Restroom dream

Bathroom dream, Toilet dream, Restroom dream
These three has similar meanings so the discussion below can be used for these three dream symbols/ imagery.

Dreaming of strangers asking to use your bathroom
August 12 2016 – Someone in my family narrated her dream. She dreamed a woman approached her to use the bathroom in her home. Then, this female stranger’s husband came along, and reprimanded her, for asking. He said, “Why are you asking to use another person’s toilet?” This man argued with his wife and the quarrel was fierce. Other people in the area grew afraid because of the intensity of the fight.

Dream analysis – The meaning of this dream is specific to the dreamer. She happens to be an introvert and is socially awkward with strangers. This dream put together two strangers who then increased the amount of social awkwardness by verbally fighting between the two of them. The intention of this dream is to inform the dreamer to be more open to diverse people with different opinions.

October 8 2016 – I dreamed there was a female human intruder in my home. My neighbors outside told me that a certain woman was inside my home. I searched for her. I found her hiding in a spare bedroom. She had black hair and was middle aged, around her late 30s to 40s. She was changing her clothes in the room and her top was removed. She had dark skin and could be from India. Her hair was not visible as she may have tied it into a bun on her head. I asked her to leave my home but she refused. I fought with her. I dragged her by her shirt and swung her around. She hit her head on the floor and skirting of the floor. I remembered that violence and assault were unlawful. I stopped swinging her around like a ball on a chain. I asked myself, how could I get her to leave my home? My two other family members were present, but they could not do anything.

Dream analysis – The symbol of an intruder in the home could mean the presence of intervention/ disturbance. For religious people who believe in the presence of negative energy/ evil, the symbol of the intruder represents spiritual trespassers. We can pray to God to defend us against the evils.

Dream of toilet in May 2019
My friend and I were inside someone’s office. We were waiting. I wasn’t sure what we were waiting for. Maybe it was about waiting for an interview. We sat on a couch to wait. Then I decided I had to use the toilet. I walked alone, along a dark corridor. There was a man who was also walking along this dark corridor. It leads to the male toilets and female toilets.

I entered the female toilets. It was so dark, I couldn’t even see the toilet bowl. I leaned forward to try to see where the w.c. bowl was. Then suddenly, my face was next to the toilet seat. I used the toilet in the dark. Then I walked out of the female toilets, in the dark. I managed to find my way along the dark corridor, back to the room where my friend was still seated on the couch. He was still waiting for his name to be called for his interview.

Dream analysis and interpretation
In real life, I was waiting for my friend to return from out-station. It had been 8 months and he was still held up.

The man in the dark corridor represents a stranger who had been stalking me. His attention was unwanted. He was suffering from psychological illness, physical illness and mental issues.

In my dream, the toilet was in darkness, which meant I was hampered by environmental conditions, like darkness/ evil/ threats.

After walking out of the toilet, I was still kept waiting in the room. I was not yet out of danger and had to wait for the next event. The entire dream was about waiting for some event to happen, waiting for the dark period to pass, and then waiting some more. The latent meaning of this dream is about patience in waiting.

Dreaming of using public restroom/ public toilets:

A public toilet has many bathroom stalls. The small space is enclosed by a door for privacy. If you dream seeing a bathroom stall or toilet stall without a door, this dream’s message is about the lack of privacy. The dreamer may have faced this issue in their family home or workplace.

Dreaming of needing to use a bathroom can mean:

  1. You require preparation grooming before facing the world.
  2. You need to dump your unwanted waste. In dreams, waste is symbolic and refers to emotional baggage, or undesirables that weigh your down.
  3. You want to be alone, to have a private moment. You may need to compose yourself.
  4. If you experienced a traumatic event recently, you may be searching for privacy to process your thoughts and emotions.
  5. If you dream using a bathroom to wash up/ shower/ bathe, it can mean you experienced an unclean episode. It has made you feel in need of a bathroom to wash away the dirt. The unclean can come from immoral acts like humiliation, assault, psychological wounds, emotional hurts and mental turmoil.
  6. If your dream is about being unable to find a bathroom to use, it means you’re facing a lack of resources to support primary functions in life. Your shelter lacks a reliable bathroom.
  7. You dream of using a bathroom/ toilet, but you see it lacks a door to close for your privacy. This dream imagery may have been created to reflect your experience in waking life – you lack privacy in your personal space and boundaries.
  8. Dream imagery of using a toilet can mean you desire to dump unwanted, useless material.
  9. Seeing dream imagery of a dirty toilet can mean you’re in an unpleasant situation in life, You might be in a fix.
  10. Dreaming of flushing a toilet means you’re getting rid of dirty waste (aka undesirable association).
  11. Dream imagery are symbolic and appear to represent meanings. Dream icons are not literal translations. For example, if you were triggered by a stimulant, then you may dream about a symbol that is related to that stimulus.
  12. Sometimes, you dream of using a toilet because you really need to go. Your brain created this dream to help you wake up. An extended bladder sends nerve impulses to the brain to say it needs the toilet.
  13. Dreaming of using a bathroom to clean yourself can be an allegory to refer to cleaning one’s mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical self.
  14. If you dream that you helped someone to the toilet and do their poop, it is an allegory to mean that you have helped a dream character with something in life.
  15. Dreaming of cleaning up in a bathroom can be symbolic, to represent cleaning up after an act.
  16. Seeing dream imagery of showering in the bathroom means cleansing. The brain has sent this message asking for help to clean up to heal, after a bad experience.
  17. You may dream of showering in a bathroom with glass walls and the public are watching you. This means there was a lack of privacy. If the dreamer is a show off because they are confident of their physical beauty, then they may be enjoying their display for onlookers.
  18. Dreaming of looking into a bathroom mirror: As you look into the mirror and see your reflection, do you recognise yourself? Do you like the way you look? Do you like what you think you are? Or do you think you’re seeing a different person in the mirror?
  19. Dream imagery of a cracked mirror in the bathroom can mean there is a disturbance which is affecting your mental state.
  20. Dream imagery of a dirty mirror can mean you had an old problem, which is still staining your present and future.
  21. Dreaming of being unable to see your reflection in a mirror in the bathroom. You may dream of looking into a mirror in the bathroom, but you are unable to see yourself in the mirror. A possible dream interpretation is that you don’t know yourself. You have been living life in a blur.
  22. If you can see your own image in the bathroom mirror, and you like what you see, it can mean you’re confident of yourself, or you’re vain.
  23. In the dream, if you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and your appearance looks presentable, it means you’re taking care of your grooming and you’re at an acceptable state in your present life.
  24. If you see yourself as being untidy in the dream’s mirror, it can mean you’re at a difficult stage in life currently and you lack the resources or time to groom your appearance.
  25. Dreaming of undressing in a bathroom is interpreted as preparation to remove clothing for sexual intimacy, or to show the truth of your body.
  26. Dreaming of seeing someone undress means that character is showing everything and no secrets are hidden.
  27. Dreaming of undressing in a bathroom means you need to pay attention to the type of clothing that is removed. Clothes hold meanings too. Heavy clothing and multiple layers of clothes mean you are protecting yourself from physical elements like cold weather. Or you may have been camouflaging your figure to protect yourself from prying eyes. Different types of clothing symbolize your identity in this dream. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it can mean you’re at odds with the identity the clothes have imposed on you.
  28. If you dream of using a bathroom to change your clothing, then you have to pay attention to the kind of clothes you have changed into.

If you change into a uniform, then the identity of the uniform has meaning and message for you.

Civilian work clothes can mean how you view your job or working life.

If you dream of wearing someone else’s clothes, it means you are assuming that person’s identity, or you’re close to that person. It might also be the possibility that your identity is closely intertwined with that person.

If you dream of changing into untidy clothes, it means you do not pay attention to personal grooming.

Flow chart dream interpretations bathroom/ toilet/ restroom

Flow chart dream interpretations bathroom/ toilet/ restroom
Flow chart dream interpretations bathroom/ toilet/ restroom

Dreaming of cracked mirror in bathroom:

If you dream of cracked mirror in the bathroom you’re using, it means you have cuts and wounds in your psyche. This dream interpretation means you’re reminded to heal yourself.

Dream seeing dirty mirror in bathroom:

This dream means you have a stained past.

Dream seeing your image in mirror:

If you like what you see in the mirror, it means you have confidence.

If you dream seeing your image and its untidy, it means you have to make efforts to groom your appearance in waking life.

If you dream of not seeing your image in the mirror, it means you’re unsure of yourself.

Dreaming of looking at yourself in the mirror, does your dress match your identity? If yes, the dream interpretation is that you try to be honest and transparent in waking life.

When you dream of looking into the mirror, do you see yourself as confused? If yes, it means you have to spend time to take care of yourself. This is recharging your energy and aspirations so that you’ll have the drive to tackle your situation in life.

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