Abuse is Stanford Prison Experiment all over again

Abuse is proof that human nature has cruelty. Intentional directed negative attention is abuse. A thrust of bullying stimulates glee because humans have it in them. That spark of cruelty ignites a train of abuse which may cumulate in the premature termination of further necessity of abuse. Desecration of a corpse holds less fun because there is no life to reciprocate the cruelty.

The Stanford Prison Experiment was a social experiment to show that acting “prison wardens’ who wield power over their captive “prisoners”, will debase human decency, because they are enabled by their authority.

In other social settings, family members, colleagues, superiors and literally anybody who has a mean bone in them, may be incited to act and speak abusively. Because they can.

Humans don’t care when they think there are other people around to take action. Why me? They prefer to be bystanders. This observation gave birth to the theory known as The Bystander Effect. (check the link for a detailed post).

When a woman was targeted with abuse, seven other neighbors in the same block of eight apartments refused to get involved. “There are six other neighbors. Let them do something. Why should I be the one to take action? I don’t want the inconvenience and burden.”

This is The Stanford Prison Experiment and The Bystander Effect all over again. History repeats itself because the early observations set the precedent to identify all other following incidents.

When will the abuser stop? Only when the abused dies, or when the abuser dies.

No matter the color of your skin, or maybe you have no skin at all, you can NOT kill another human being with your abuse.