Fasting: TMP

I hate to fast overnight from 12 midnight to the following morning. This has to be done once in three months, or once in four months. I have to do this to prepare for my blood test. Waiting outside the clinic for it to open, is one of the toughest waiting periods. I usually arrive outside the clinic way before 9 am. Maybe at 8:30 am. I want to be the first patient in the queue. This would reduce my waiting time inside the clinic. Sometimes, a long line of queue forms when patients decide to see the doctor in the morning. Once, I was way behind in the queue system and had to wait very long for my turn to see the doctor. I felt unwell. So I decided to change the time I arrived at the clinic. Being the first in line meant I didn’t have to wait inside the clinic too. Hurray!

TMP – The Monday Peeve Mar 1 2021.

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