#100HappyDays Challenge Day 23

#100HappyDays Challenge Day 23 says to perform a loving kindness meditation (metta meditation). The link takes you to a webpage by Wikipedia, which explains metta meditation.

Briefly, metta meditation prepares us to love ourselves. When we love ourselves, then only we can offer kindness and love to others.

Before you start with a metta meditation, you should be comfortably seated. Breathe deeply. Try to remember memories where you experienced kindness and love. Recite the metta prayer.

Metta prayer:

May I be happy,

may I be well.

May I be free from suffering,

may I be peaceful and at ease.

Buddha metta via Golubnichy, 2017.

Practice saying this metta several time and believe in it. You will have a positive attitude and approach your day with enough personal conviction to tackle your responsibilities.

#100HappyDays Challenge was created by Dmitry Golubnichy. His book of the title, “Can You Be Happy for 100 Days In A Row?” was printed in 2017. Please click on the link. There are English and Spanish editions.

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