#100HappyDays Challenge Day 2

Large, floppy, rag-like red flower with white speckle-like pattern on its petals

Dmitry’s book says to “Hike to a scenic spot” for Day 2 of the #100HappyDays Challenge. The walking will make you happy because when you exercise, your body produces endorphins, a hormone, which tells your brain to “feel” happy.

There is no one who feels sad after a walk, unless this person has clinical depression, which means they had been feeling sad continuously for more than 2 consecutive weeks.

The picture is a water color on a plant grown on a fence. It had dense foliage and unusual flowers. Each fully opened flower resembled a red rag with patterned white designs. Its petals were large and floppy, being soft. This was the highlight of this species of fence creeper (or twine).

The first time I sat eyes on this flower, I felt happy as I was overwhelmed by the sheer size and floppiness of the flower’s structure. I’m glad I discovered this flowering plant. This funny flower hangs like a piece of rag.

The walk and scenery made me feel happy on Day 2 of #100HappyDays.

Prompts – funny by Daily Addictions, hang by The Daily Spur.

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