When dreams are fake

When are dreams fake?

“Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people”. This quote is a writing prompt from Just Start Writing, JSW, at https://athling2001.wordpress.com/2019/06/17/jsw-prompt-6-17-2019/

I agree with this quotation. Sometimes, dreams expose the true desires. Other times, even dreams show inventions to twist truths. The innate wishes of the mind and the desire for wish fulfillment will create distortions. Because of this, dreams may not continue real themes in waking life, but present distortions which are not in line with waking reality.

Meaning of dreaming of yawn.


  1. I think you have a very good point here. Sometimes I have dreams that have nothing to do with reality. Just my inner wishes. Like being a fencing champion or dating that one out of my league (some of the high school dreams) or more of that stuff.
    You left a very important note to me and lots of people. Keep writing about your dreams..

  2. Sometimes you can try and see if the results confirm your suspicions.

    People from different social classes look for good people from any league. We have seen this with celebrities and royalty. You need confidence to try.

  3. Fencing requires a lot of work, skills, training, sparring partner, weight lifting etc. You’re working, and then going to do compulsory conscription for 1 year. You may not be able to fit in the demands of fencing.

    If I were facing this kind of challenge, I might change my sport into one that is more general that does not require developments in many areas.

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