What does it mean when you dream of playing squid game?

To do a correct dream analysis of what it means to you when you dream of playing the squid game, you need to understand what the squid game, or the show called Squid Game, means to you. It’s because dream interpretation depends largely on the association of the symbol to you.

If you were interested and fascinated by the TV show streaming on Netflix, then this stimulus can trigger the dream. If you had watched much of Squid Game at one sitting, your brain is filled with images and this may stimulate it to invent a dream based on the same theme.

If you had a fantasy of being challenged to play a daring game, then your desire may trigger the dream of playing squid game.

If you have a crush on one of the actors in Squid Game, this may also be a stimulus to trigger a dream about being inside the Squid Game.

If you had played similar Dare games before, then the basic premise of the show is familiar to you. You may. Nurse nostalgia for the past, when you played your version of Dare & Win games.

The squid is a sea creature who squirts its organic black inky pigment to blind the enemy while it makes its escape. In another dream interpretation, playing a type of squid game can imply using a distraction, like throwing ink or a decoy, to call off attention on yourself.

If someone plays the squid on you, then you may become the loser. If you are going to face such a situation in reality and your gut feeling has warned you, then you may dream of the squid game. If this is your context, then dreaming of the squid game is a warning to you. You have to be alert and pay attention to avoid and ignore distractions to cheat/ harm you.

Dream of playing the squid game means your current situation is bad enough for you to enter into survival mode, as this is the theme of the TV show Squid Game.

If you dreamed you were playing the game well, it means you are surviving well in real life.

If you dream you were playing the game badly, it means you are not doing well in real life. This also means that you have dreamed this, as a wake-up call to solve the challenges in your life.

If you dreamed of playing team games like football, soccer, cricket, baseball, basketball and etc, it reflects on your real life stance as a team player. You’re likely to have performed well in a team.

However, if you dreamed you played badly in team games, then you’ll have to evaluate yourself in waking life, and decide how you are going to tackle your problems.

If you dreamed of playing a non-contact game like a board game of chess, this dream means you have to use your brain to discover the best strategy to move forward in life.

Dreaming of sea creatures.

The squid is the marine creature on the left, outline in brown.

Squid Game actor Anupam Tripathi.
Squid Gamen actress Jung Ho-Yeon.
Doodle of Park Hae-Soo.
Sketch of Squid Game actor Lee Jung-Jae.
Squid Game actor Lee Jung-Jae.
Squid Game actress Kim Joo-ryoung.