Dreaming of a shadow

Dreaming of a shadow without seeing who made the shadow, is an odd dream. Since we can’t discern who owns the shadow, it appears threatening. This dream could have been triggered by an event during the day. The brain received a stimulus which reminded it of similar situational threats in the past. The brain then creates a dream, to relay the message to the sleeper.

Faceless woman with angry shadow.

Prompt – shadow from https://fivedotoh.com/2019/08/14/fowc-with-fandango-shadow/ for Aug. 14 2019.

Tantalizing dream

#FOWC. Sep. 2 2018 challenge word is tantalizing.

I can think of a few tantalizing dreams. One was triggered by a new fragrance which I bought from Sephora. It is in a teal colored bottle. The tangy smell of orange-pomelo-lime infused into my sinus membrane and triggered a dream. A friend visited me and assured me of loyalty in our friendship. The tantalizing element was in the promising potential of the relationship within the context of the dream, which was never realized in reality. I wonder if my brain is telling me something from the depths of my subconsciousness. Scents, like other stimuli, are able to trigger dreams. I wonder how that particular fragrance triggered that dream.