#shelterandwrite prompt 4 Interview in Comics

Shelter and Write is a blog who is running writing prompts during Covid-19 with hashtag #writethepandemic. Various cities and countries have gone into partial or full lockdowns to restrict movement of people (and virus). I want to participate in active writing prompts so this is my attempt. If you are joining us, please use the tag #shelterandwrite.

Instead of a plain old interview, here is my collection of doodles drawn in response to the situation on Covid-19. This is me interviewing me.

Vitamin C boosts the body immunity, to fight disease.
Catholic mass has been suspended indefinitely while a nation fights Coronavirus 2019.
COVID-19 – don’t shake hands. Use non-contact greetings.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 made face mask seem like second skin.
Temperature screening to check for COVID-19.
COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) quarantine without clothes and toiletries.
COVID-19 comic #30: Coronavirus Disease 2019.
February 16 2020: 285 tested positive with COVID-19 from cruise ship Diamond Princess.
School is canceled. Study online.
What do people do during quarantine?
Logistics and delivery business make money when people rely on delivery.
Hoarding groceries like it is running out of fashion.
A sweep every 5 minutes sweeps the dirt and germs away.
2019 Novel Coronavirus panic buying leads to hoarding groceries.
When you have to keep up with the Joneses and you can only afford toilet rolls.
Coronavirus Dorscon alert sends people into panic hoarding of groceries and toilet rolls.


#writethepandemic Writing Prompt 4 from Shelter and Write is Start with an Interview . Join us when you post with the hash tag #shelterandwrite .

List of 30 prompts here.

The host’s blog, Lightning Droplets, has posted her corresponding post – the Interview.

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