#shelterandwrite prompt 2 Our Children’s Stories

Shelter and Write is a blog who is running writing prompts during Covid-19 with hashtag #writethepandemic. Various cities and countries have gone into partial or full lockdowns to restrict movement of people (and virus). I want to participate in active writing prompts so this is my attempt. If you are joining us, please use the tag #shelterandwrite.

Writing about Covid-19 through a child’s eyes.

This is a list of changes for a child during Covid-19.

  1. I have to use hand sanitizer very often.
  2. I have to wear a mask in public.
  3. I have to get my temperature scanned from my forehead, before I enter my classroom.
  4. I got a flu jab from a nurse because it will help prevent catching the common cold.
  5. I look at newspaper photos on people who work in the healthcare industry. They wear PPE, which consists of face mask, goggles, face shield, hair cap, and plastic overalls.
  6. We start to buy and hoard face masks because they are disposable and shops are running out of them.
  7. I read about Wuhan and Hubei, in China.
  8. I begin to hate the bats who gave humans Coronavirus.
  9. Covid-19 has reached my country.
  10. My country bans short term visitors who are mostly tourists.
  11. The number of Covid-19 patients increases.
  12. We start to keep track of the number of patients, on the domestic health website.
  13. Every night, we wait for the website to post updates. We read about the patients who died. We read about local clusters of transmission so that we can avoid those areas.
  14. When the disaster alert level was raised, people started panic buying of groceries to hoard against shortages. I queued with my adult for 2 hours, just to buy one basketful of groceries.
  15. My home starts to fill with groceries.
  16. People from the next foreign neighboring town are banned from visiting and entering my country.
  17. People from other countries begin to record their headcount of Covid-19 patients. Both East and West have Covid-19 patients.
  18. We are told to maintain a distance from all other people to reduce the chance of the virus jumping onto us.
  19. Working adults are encouraged to work from home to maintain social distancing.
  20. The number of imported Covid-19 patients is bigger than number of local transmissions.
  21. My country goes into a semi-lockdown. Foreigners without long term work pass are banned from entering.
  22. The number of local transmissions is bigger than the number of imported cases from overseas.
  23. My country issues the order for lockdown. There will be no school, and only essential services are allowed to operate from their buildings.


#writethepandemic Writing Prompt from Shelter and Write:

Prompt 2 – Our Children’s Stories (Writing about this pandemic through kids’ eyes.

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