Minimalist living for your benefit

Minimalist living for your benefit means to live life with your barest minimum to reduce burdens. This post is a survey to test response for the suitability of this title for a new article.

Response: 9.

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Minimalist living for your benefit

  1. Live a simple life. Declutter and organize your life to reduce it to the bare bones of existence.
  2. Spend quality time with a few loved and close ones.
  3. If you’re going to develop new relationships, make them worthy by investing time, effort and sincerity in them.
  4. Reduce time eaters by getting people to respect your boundaries of personal space and time. You have to reject time eaters.
  5. Open your eyes to the beauty of nature. Appreciate the wonders of nature.
  6. Make maximum use of your resources. Stretch your time, and hardware resources. You will slowly realize you have more than abundant resources to accomplish your work and goals.
  7. Choose simplicity over complicated mechanisms which may become redundant later.
  8. Live within your means. Avoid spending on your credit card.
  9. Live in your present moment. Appreciate what you have, as a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
  10. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like relaxing in your chair, or any other simple favorite act.
  11. Eat healthy food. Avoid processed food. Good health saves you your wealth.
  12. Watch what you speak about. Silence is better appreciated than gossip.
  13. Allocate “me time” in your schedule. This time spent alone can recharge your batteries.
  14. Try to tune in to Nature. It will encourage you.
  15. All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl). Do the work you enjoy and time will pass quickly and well.
  16. Acknowledge your boundaries and let go when something exceeds your boundaries.
  17. Don’t chase after material wealth. There is no end to it and you’ll only upset yourself.
  18. Choose to remember a base as your inner sanctuary when you need to calm yourself. When the world is hectic, return to see this inner sanctuary in your mind.
  19. Pay attention to the small important issues and the bigger issues will fall into line.
  20. Be patient in your endeavors and you’ll be rewarded with success.

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