How to be special & attract loads of admirers

If you desire to be special to attract loads of admirers, here is what you have to do. Stay tuned to this blog for the upcoming post on this topic. Learn how to let your light shine like a beacon of a lighthouse.

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Alternate titles – Becoming a much desired Jewel? Soft sell to market yourself?

  1. Listen to the needs of others. Can you offer intangible advice to help? Might you offer tangible comfort like a small gift to ease the suffering for a moment? You will be seen as special and admired. Your receiver might talk about your deeds. Your fame may spread far and wide. You will attract admirers or more people who desire to be helped in some way.
  2. Do you have something in abundance which you can afford to share? Then share it! You will feel happy and so will the receiver. You will appear to be special to that person.
  3. Give the gift of giving. You don’t need to spend money on service gifts. Some acts do not require material gifts, but are service in nature. If you can be the hands and feet that perform a legitimate service for that person, your reputation will be spread and you’ll attract loads of admirers. Be discerning when you offer to help others. You can only accommodate a special deed if you see it suitable inside your personal boundaries.

To be continued soon.

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